Every gamer or PC video game fan must have a good lightest gaming mouse , since these hardware devices allow the player to quickly interact with the game environment and improve their experience in the virtual world. In this article we bring you a Top 5 mice for gamers .

Cooler Master presents the MM711 lightweight gaming mouse and MM710 variants

Cooler Master, world leader in the design and manufacture of innovative peripherals for games and computer components, introduces new MM710 variations, as well as the MM711 Gaming Mouse, an RGB variant of the MM710 that weighs a little less than 60 g. The MM711 takes the base of the MM710 and adds vibrant RGB LEDs to the scroll wheel and logo to further enhance its elegant and discreet profile. Cooler Master software allows full customization of RGB, allowing users to choose their personal colors and lighting effects.

“The MM711 is the ideal mouse for those who want premium and lightweight performance but with RGB capability,” says Bryant Nguyen, General Manager of peripherals. “Add another layer of personality to a mouse that is already surprising in appearance and functionality.”

Matte and bright variations

Along with the launch of the MM711, Cooler Master will also launch three more models with two different color and texture variants of the MM710. MM711 models: matt black, gloss black, matt white and gloss white will also be released. Each variant for the MM710 and MM711 (a total of 8) will be available exclusively at specific retail stores at Walmart, Best Buy, Micro Center, Amazon and Newegg.

Optical sensor for OMRON games and switches

Optimized for greater control and accuracy in the game, the Pixart 3389 optical sensor of MM710 and MM711 is adjustable up to 16000 DPI. The mouse configuration is fully customizable through the software, such as sensitivity, button response time, surface adjustment, take-off distance, polling rate and more. The left and right mouse buttons include OMRON switches, rated for 20 million presses that remain until the end.

Ambidextrous shape optimized for right-handed people

With two side buttons for easy access to the keys, the ambidextrous shape makes the mouse comfortable for multiple types of grip. The shape of the MM710 and MM711 is derived from the MasterMouse S shape with a slight hump on the back that provides additional support for the palm of the hand for players who prefer claw grip. Small enough to touch with the fingertips for most hand sizes, the shape also allows palm grip for smaller hands.

Prices and availability

The MM710 is now available for $ 49.99, and the MM711 will be available for $ 59.99 as of November 29, 2019 at exclusive locations in North America, including Best Buy, Amazon and Micro Center.


Lasts longer than others. The contoured shape is designed to offer maximum comfort, regardless of the size of the hand or how to hold the mouse.

The inverted trapezoidal shape facilitates a natural grip with the right or left hand.

What does a mouse need to be considered by a gamer?

Every gamer requires precision and reaction speed. That is why the mouse or mouse chosen must have these characteristics. It must also be very resistant and withstand long hours and use by the user. Another factor to consider when selecting a mouse to gamer is undoubtedly its sophistication and ergonomics. It is also worth saying that the lightness and secondary options of these devices will attract the attention of a good fan of video games for PC.

CA57B-VES1 of VicTsing

Excellent mouse to gamer , it has 6 buttons and its design is modern. It is quite light and maneuverable, very comfortable. Compatible with the main existing operating systems . We can say that it is ideal to control any virtual battlefield or fantasy world. It has 5 adjustable levels of DPI and its ergonomics are foolproof, allowing you to have a comfortable and relaxed hand, even for more than 5 hours. It is economical, but it is not simple to maneuver and its documentation is only available in English.